One of these is the Robot

FIFA 09 celebrations PS3 versions are extra special, as they contain some secret celebrations not listed in the manual. One of these is the Robot; where you must hold the L2 button and press R3. Also, to do a cartwheel you’ll need to hold L2 and spin the right analogue stick. Remember that you don’t have long to press these buttons after scoring, so it’s ideal to have what you’re doing to do memorised before you score.With the FIFA 09 celebrations PS3 owners can now recreate some of their most favourite footballing memories. Who can forget Gazza’s ‘dentist chair’ in the Euro ’96 tournament? Or Jurgen Klinsman’s famous dive? Unfortunately, it seems as though Robbie Fowler’s ‘sniffing the line’ celebration didn’t make the cut due to poor taste. Most of the moves used in the game are based either on commonly used or signature celebrations, such as Fernando Torres’ or Alan Shearer’s fist in the air. แจกเครดิตฟรี

One of the great things about the FIFA games is the way that they continue to update and add more great features to their games, year on year. In FIFA 09 celebrations were one of the main additions, where after scoring a goal you have a short period of time in which to choose how you want your player to celebrate. To do this you have to press buttons on the control pad, and different combinations result in different FIFA 09 celebrations. The range of celebrations in the game is truly astounding, and you can tell that the developers really took their time on this part, and realised the value that it could bring to the game. If, at any time you’re unsure how to do a particular celebration, you can just pause the game, go to the ‘control’ menu, then click on the ‘celebrations’ option.