Michael Saltzstein – Boost Your Company’s Organic SEO With Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the technique of creating and distributing informative online marketing content for the companies’ customers. These buyers should find the website or blog material to be useful, engaging, and relevant to the products/services they wish to buy. The content can be in the form of videos, infographics, demos, webinars, blog posts, and eBooks.

Michael Saltzstein – Why are companies resorting to content marketing to generate sales?

Content marketing has two primary objectives. They are first to enhance the brand awareness of the companies’ products/services on the Internet and, secondly, to boost organic search engine rankings for visibility. This enables these companies to nurture leads from their customers, which ultimately results in the sale of the product or service.

Michael Saltzstein is a visionary business leader, veteran swimming official, and marketing specialist from the United States. His area of expertise is in many diverse areas. These include event marketing, brand promotion, workers’ compensation, coverage evaluation, alternate risk management, and corporate insurance. He has several years of valuable experience in these different fields.

He explains all companies strive to build a viable client base and engage their customers round-the-clock. This enables them to create brand awareness for their products with the view to boost sales. However, these corporate enterprises are generally reluctant to use conventional direct marketing channels. Advertising on audio-visual and print media is normally expensive and does not generate a proportionate sales revenue.  Furthermore, the companies’ market research indicates buyers prefer to browse the Internet to acquire what they want. It gives them the convenience of shopping from the comforts of their homes.  This is why many of them are resorting to content marketing to engage potential online customers.

How to create a viable content marketing strategy?

Companies need to consider the following factors when executing a suitable content marketing strategy for their business:

  • Understanding the online buyers who constitute their targeted audience and analyze their purchasing habits,
  • Creating a marketing plan which focuses on reflecting their corporate values to boost brand awareness for their products,
  • Choosing the right channels for launching their content marketing strategies like webinars, site pages or videos,
  • Selecting content topics which their targeted audience are likely to consider interesting, useful, and informative,
  • Forming an online community where the buyers’ can share their experiences and feedback with one another, and
  • Sending email newsletters to online buyers to keep in touch and appreciate them for their opinions.

Michael Saltzstein sums up by saying implementing content marketing strategies can help companies take their sales revenue to the next level.  It enables them to reach out to more online buyers to create a viable client base in the market. The companies can even enhance brand awareness for their products and improve their websites’ organic search engine rankings. However, many might want to hire reliable content marketing experts instead of devising the strategy in-house. In order to do so, these companies should choose specialists with plenty of experience whose services are at a reasonable price structure. Moreover, they should be able to cater to the companies’ needs and deliver the necessary results for success.