Jeffrey Lupient Wife Provides Tips To Entrepreneurs To Staying Focused

Maintaining focus is extremely important for all entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. However, it is not easy to do so. Jeffrey Lupient Wife mentions that no matter whether a person works from a co-working space, are self-employed, run their store or have an office on their own, they would always find themselves surrounded by numerous distractions. In such a scenario, staying on task becomes extremely difficult. Jeffery is the CEO of an automotive company in Minneapolis, St. Paul Area. Hence, he has a good idea about the diverse distractions one may have to face in the line of business.

For entrepreneurs, productivity implies more to their ability to complete tasks effectively and consistently, than the amount of time they spend working. Jeffrey Lupient Wife points out that if entrepreneurs lack focus, then they may end up spending twice as many hours toiling over a single task that might have been done within a shorter span of time if they had been fully dedicated in completing it.  To enhance their productivity, entrepreneurs must actively focus on improving their concentration n levels.

Avoiding distractions is challenging, but extremely crucial to maintaining focus. Even if a person has the mindset to work productively, there are many distractions that may try to pull their attention from the core goals and make them less efficient. Here are some pointers provided by Jeffrey Lupient Wife that can help entrepreneurs to stay more focused:

  • Silence phone and notifications: While mobile phones are certainly extremely important, they are also a leading source of distraction. People receive countless messages, calls, and emails on a daily basis, and often feel the urge to respond to them as quickly as possible. By turning off these notifications or putting their phone on silent, people can lull this feeling for a while.
  • Designate a distraction-free space for work: To prevent getting distracted from unwelcome noises and diverse inconveniences of the physical surroundings, people must have a well-arranged workspace. Moreover, as a person designates just one area for doing business, they can help themselves to get in the right mindset faster and remain focused on work for longer periods.
  • Employ website-blockers: Much like mobile phones, while the internet does make working much easier for several entrepreneurs, it also is a prime source of distraction. Even if a person starts to explore the web for productive, business purposes, they might get caught up in the trap of endless browsing, video watching and feed scrolling. Hence, any entrepreneur having the habit of indulging in easy entertainment on the Internet during work hours should try to install a website blocking software on their laptop.
  • Divide working time into manageable blocks: It tends to be highly difficult to stay focused on a task for several hours in a row, and hence it shall be a prudent move for people to break up their working time into smaller chunks. The time blocking technique can be quite advantageous in such a scenario, as it fosters uninterrupted times of focus, while helping people to stay organized.

By following these simple tips, entrepreneurs can easily improve their focus.