David Serna Attorney Points Out a Few Qualities That a Criminal Defense Lawyer Must Have

Criminal defense attorneys are lawyers who specialize in defending people who have been accused of any crime. David Serna Attorney points out that dealing with a criminal charge can be a traumatic experience, but it can become a lot easier and smoother if one has a good criminal lawyer by their side. David Serna is a prominent criminal defense attorney who focuses on supporting the protections guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution to citizens. Over the years, he has made relevant contributions to the continuing legal education of lawyers. He is one of the founders of the National College for DUI Defense Summer Programs at Harvard Law School, established in 1995.

Criminal defense attorneys are known to have expertise in questioning witnesses and advising clients on the best course of actions to take. David Serna Attorney mentions that considering the legal consequences of a conviction, one must always try to hire a good criminal defense lawyer who is well-qualified and experience. David himself is known to defend the rights of his clients with a great passion.

To increase their chances of winning a case, it is important for a person to seek out the aid of a good criminal defense lawyer. Here are few of the qualities that they must have according to David Serna Attorney:

  • Communication: Proper interaction between the lawyer and clients is extremely important. A criminal defense lawyer must be easily approachable and should have the ability to communicate legal advice to their clients with complete honestly and transparency. Legal jargon is not easy for all to understand, and hence it is the duty of the lawyer to explain the relevant terms to their clients in a manner that they can easily understand. Good communication plays a major role in facilitating a client-lawyer relationship that is developed on the factors of confidence and trust.
  • Understanding: Criminal defense lawyer must be emphatic and understanding towards the stress and emotional impact their clients might be going through due to the criminal charges pinned on them. They must have a respect for the reputation of the clients, and should be dedicated in making sure that they can get through the case procedures without a hassle. They try to see to it that their clients take measure to reduce public exposure and maintain privacy during the court process.
  • Consideration and preparation: A criminal defense lawyer should carefully consider the evidence presented to give rise to the factual allegations of the criminal charge, and provide their clients with an honest advice on their case. These individuals must be absolutely thorough and detailed when it comes to preparing the relevant case for trial, while also taking into account all possible defenses that might be raised at the trial.

In addition to the qualities underlined above, having good negotiation skills is also important for a criminal defense lawyer.