Beltmay Goes All Out With Software Technology

Software Technology

Businesses thrive when they can resolve issues and create effective solutions for customers. And revenue tends to grow when businesses can meet the needs of their customers quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Beltmay, an order fulfillment leader in the industry, identifies technology as an essential component of its service. And it has adopted software that gives it an edge in our fast-paced economic environment.

“We embrace all the advancements that science and technology have given us, and we can’t wait to see what else is in store,” the company states on its website at “We evaluate new inventions and software to see if there is any benefit to our company or our customers. If we see any, we act right away to add it to our arsenal.”

Long list of Software Technology

The company champions software technology that keeps its operation competitive and relevant. Advanced software technology used include IoT (Internet of Things), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Neural Net.

Also, in the mix is Big Data, which assists with business analytics and simplifies processing time. And Beltmay uses software to forecast supply and demand needs, a tool that helps business clients run more efficient and profitable operations.

Making a Difference With Software

Other order fulfillment companies also use software technology to help clients, but there can be differences among service providers.

Rakuten Super Logistics (RSL) uses Lot Tracking software to trace and recall products for its ecommerce business clients. The software gives manufacturers and retailers the ability to track, fulfill by expiration and freshness dates, and properly recall product lots along the supply-chain process, according to the company’s website.

Rakuten also uses technology that business clients rely on to integrate with all major ecommerce shopping carts and marketplaces.

Easyship, a shipping and order fulfillment provider, utilizes software that makes the ecommerce shipping process effortless. And business clients can find the same option at Ships-A-Lot.

Ships-A-Lot, another order fulfillment company, relies on technology that allows business clients to integrate with shopping carts and marketplaces. The company’s transportation management software also allows for a smooth delivery process for clients, the company says.

Beltmay employs AI to help clients improve the fulfillment processes, streamline operation, identify bottlenecks, eliminate roadblocks and introduce effective options.

“The extreme agility and applicability of AI can transform almost any given aspect of your business,” the company states on its website.

An Indispensable Tool

Beltmay sees technology as an invaluable tool that helps its clients make solid business-building decisions. Clients using the company’s software programs to streamline their inhouse operations “come out way ahead of most businesses that are not utilizing it,” the company says on its website at

Like other order fulfillment providers, Beltmay also uses software technology to handle logistics, monitor distributed warehouses across the country, manage inventory, forecast demand and supply. Software programs also alert the company when something has gone wrong, and automate processes, allowing employees to focus on other issues.

“It can complement your workforce and multiply workforce productivity several times,” the company says. Companies that embrace the gift of technology and incorporate it into their business operations will end up being more successful in the long run.”